15 Advantages Of Partnering With Ecolofunds


15 reasons to partner with Ecolofunds


15 Advantages Of Partnering With Ecolofunds for the elaboration of your fundraising campaign.


  1. Offering your clients environmentally friendly products for everyday use;

  2. Helping others reduce their environmental footprint;

  3. Having a direct impact on the environment;

  4. Providing useful products that people already buy and really need;

  5. Choosing an eco-friendly, educational fundraising campaign;

  6. Promoting eco-citizenship;

  7. Adopting environmentally responsible habits;

  8. Passing on environmental values to youth;

  9. Making substantial profits compared to existing fundraising campaigns;

  10. Generating revenue online all year long;

  11. Giving your clients the option of paying for their orders online;

  12. Working with a passionate team so that your tasks are minimal;

  13. Three birds with one stone! You generate profits, your clients enjoy big savings and everyone actively contributes to preserving our beautiful planet;

  14. Helping to eliminate plastic bags, cling wrap, aluminium paper and disposable paper products like paper towels that are made from trees from our Canadian forests;

  15. Caring about the environment means providing green alternatives to our clients. At Ecolofunds, your success is our priority.