Fundraising Campaign in 3 steps


ecological products


Fundraisers are an essential way to raise money for charities, sports teams, organizations and schools. Many fundraisers use candy, magazine subscriptions, chocolate bars and cookies to raise money. People enjoy helping with fundraisers, but who really needs chocolate, candy and cookies? The good news is that ECOLOFUNDS gives you a way of raising money quickly by offering you various green, everyday products. This eco-friendly alternative helps to greatly decrease our ecological footprint.

When you partner with ECOLOFUNDS, you get customized support and the tools to help manage your fundraising.

As a partner, we also give you the opportunity to have your own shop on our site. This online store is an ingenious way to raise money for your cause. Don’t forget that your campaign continues to operate all year long once it is established on our site.  With your control panel, it will be easy for you to track the progress of your campaign. Several tools will also be available to facilitate your work.


Benefits of our fundraising campaigns:

  • sustainable and environmentally friendly products 

  • substantial profits all through the year

  • allows you to raise money quickly for your favourite cause

  • develops environmentally responsible behavior


Your fundraising campaign in 6 easy steps

online fundraising campaign

set up a campaign

fundraising page

social media for your fundraising

talk about your fundraising campaign

be involved in your fundraising


We wish you success in implementing your fundraising campaign.your profits

Be proud to be green!