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Our Mission

Ecolofunds offers a platform for online sales that allows you to raise money for your fundraising campaign. Proudly eco-entrepreneurial throughout our business model, we aim to make consumers aware of the importance of developing more eco-friendly purchasing habits.

At Ecolofunds, we exclusively sell green products that have a direct impact on our environmental footprint.

Every purchase made on our site contributes directly to a fundraising campaign or to a social cause. Ecolofunds is an innovative concept and a green fundraising solution for schools, sports teams and organizations.


Our vision

Every day, we consume many products that drive up our environmental footprint. That means that human demand on our planet’s natural resources increases day after day.

At Ecolofunds, we firmly believe that changing our daily consumer habits can have significant medium-term, and even short-term, benefits for the environment. Sustainable development is paramount for our company and that’s why we will always work hard to find green solutions for you in harmony with our values.

Ecological products are logical!