EcoAlkalines™ Batteries C 12 Bulk Pack

$22.00 CAD
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- Specially formulated for high intensity and durability.
- Made with 80% recycled material
- Carbon neutral
- Eco-friendly
- Leak-resistant seals
- Recyclable packaging


Item: ECOC12A
Size: C (LR14), 1.5 volts 
Content: 12 batteries bulk pack
  • Recycle the batteries according to your municipality's policies.
  • Do not recharge batteries, as they may leak and cause burns or more severe injuries.
  • Never carry loose batteries in your handbag or pockets. 
  • Do not alter or remove the battery label.
  • Replace all used batteries at the same time.

Benefits and Environmental Impact:

  • They are cadmium, lead and mercury free, as opposed to most other types of batteries.
  • Alkaline batteries are carbon neutral and eco-friendly. 
  • Packaging is made from recycled material.
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