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- Made from bamboo charcoal
- 100% NATURAL
- Deodorizing
- Unscented
- Reusable
- Recyclable


Item: EB1331
Size: 22.5 x 17 cm (9 x 7 in)
Weight: 500 g 
Color: Black
Materials: Nonwoven fabric with unscented bamboo charcoal granules
Feature: Bigger room air purifier bag
Content: 1 bag per package
  • Place bag in areas up to 200 sq.ft. (kitchen, garage, basement, attic, pet area, RV, etc.).
  • Every 6 to 8 weeks, leave bag outside under direct sunlight (2-3 hours per side) for optimal performance. 
  • After one year, cut open the bag and mix the charcoal granules into soil to regulate moisture.
  • Keep out of reach of children and animals. 
  • Do not place near fire.

Benefits and Environmental Impact:

  • Bamboo charcoal granules naturally eliminate odors by purifying the air.
  • They also eliminate the use of aluminum spray cans which take 200 years before degrading.
  • This type of deodorizer/dehumidifier is a money saver as it can last up to a year when used as directed
  • This product is 100% natural thus biodegradable.
  • The packaging is recyclable.
  • The use of alternative materials such as bamboo helps reduce deforestation.
  • Bamboo grows again naturally from the root and is cultivated free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
  • The type of bamboo used for this product is not the same as the one which feeds panda. Consequently, it has no impact on their habitat.
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